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Android | Login to apps with fingerprint

  |   Business, Technology

Say goodbye to remembering long passwords. The next version of Android — tentatively called Android M — will reportedly include "native fingerprint authentication," according to a report from BuzzFeed. With fingerprint authentication baked right into the mobile operating system, users will be to "log in to all of the supported...

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Google | App Approval

  |   Business, Technology

Google just made changes to its Play Store policies that will affect every Android developer. Android developers now have to wait for apps to be approved by Google after they submit them to the Play Store. Previously, Google didn't have an approval process for new apps and only reviewed apps...

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Microsoft | IE Dead?

  |   Business, Technology

The confusion started when Microsoft exec Chris Capossela made some confusing comments about the company's forthcoming browser, code-named Spartan, and how it would cohabit with Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Many observers assumed the worst. But as is so often the case for Microsoft, Internet Explorer is legacy technology...

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Sony | Hack cost $15 Million

  |   Business, Technology

Sony Corp. on Wednesday gave a figure for damages from the Sony Pictures hack: $15 million. The hack, which U.S. officials blamed on North Korea, became public in December when the Hollywood studio's computers were crippled and sensitive documents were posted online. The entertainment and electronics giant delayed the...

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Google | Wireless Carrier

  |   Business, Marketing, Technology

Google wants to be your next wireless carrier and could start offering talk and data plans as early as this year. The company is getting closer to offering cellular plans to customers, according to a report inThe Information. Last year, the publication reported that Google executives were thinking about launching...

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Bitcoin | Price Collapse

  |   Business, Technology

Bitcoin prices are collapsing almost as quickly as they originally skyrocketed. The average price of Bitcoin fell below $200 on Wednesday, continuing a months-long decline that has pushed prices back down to the lowest level since October 2013.   The recent drop comes on the heels of the...

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Facebook | Google Glass

  |   Business

During a live Q&A session in Bogota, Colombia Wednesday, the Facebook cofounder and CEO was asked by an audience member how he imagines Facebook may look in 10 years, with Google Glass mentioned in the question as one example of how technology is changing. While he didn't...

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